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I’ll add to these lists when I encounter something new, though obviously they will never be complete. Feel free to make suggestions using the “Submit Articles” form.

My Favorites:  (linked below)

When I want to re-blog nearly every article from a blog, it goes on this list. It is also where I link to websites or books that I consider supremely helpful. Obviously the standard is quite subjective, being my personal opinion only.

  1.  Defeating the Dragons:  An ongoing journey in overcoming a fundamentalist indoctrination.
    – Clear thinking, well written, insightful, and rooted in a similar history.
    – It’s no wonder I want to share most of Samantha Field’s articles.
  2. Avalanche of the Soul: Escaping and surviving abusive relationships.
    – I just found this blog today (6/2/14) and I can’t stop reading.
    – Even after years of research preparing to leave my Ex, I learned several new things.


Resources: (linked below)




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