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Favorite quotes from: Why fundamentalism is not the true expression of religion.

“The truest religion is the full spectrum of living colour.” “Fundamentalism at least in its extreme form is the most vocal and indeed violent form of belief, precisely because it is the weakest, least secure and least mature. It shouts and fights to defend its viewpoints because it must; for to accept that it might … Continue reading

How the church presents God – an honest conversation in Wonderland

“I guess … I can’t imagine a God who is big enough to keep everything running, and who promises it will turn out good, being out maneuvered. So … that presence is there even in the people who don’t have … an obvious light. How can I say it … it drips through even the … Continue reading

IR: Sex, Divorce, and Good Christian Kids … A fresh perspective.

To be honest, sex scares me. First I grew up within a twisted religious structure that caused me to worry when my father hugged me, because “All men think that way. They can’t help it.” And then I jumped right into a marriage based on rape and control, (thinking it was love) because “All men think that … Continue reading

I wasn’t going to be me, but that didn’t work out so well.

There is something about a framework of walls that makes a lot of people-of-faith comfortable, as if they are where they’re supposed to be. But that comfort seems so deceptive to me now that I’ve been evicted. Back when I was inside those walls, I wasn’t developing or growing much. If anything, the teachings I … Continue reading

Some calm suggestions for Christian parents of atheist or agnostic children.

I avoid talking about faith with my parents now, because my view of God makes them fearful. I’ve gone from being “practically a saint” in their eyes to someone whose salvation they just might have to question if I go too far … and all because I don’t buy into the church approach to viewing God … Continue reading

How I left him and the church left me.

Pride is neither the ability to see what others wish you hadn’t noticed, nor is it refusing to lie about your beliefs when others demand it of you. I was done with pretending to agree with things I had long considered to be supposition. I wanted to test what I understood to be true by … Continue reading

Romans 1:26-27: A Clobber Passage That Should Lose Its Wallop

“Whenever I’m debating with someone who authoritatively declares that the Bible condemns homosexuality, and who cites the infamous Romans 1:26-27 as proof, I almost always offer this rejoinder: “What do you make of the vocative at the beginning of Romans 2?” “The question is admittedly pretentious on my part but I’ve found it effective, because … Continue reading

Crumbs from the Communion Table • VIDEO: Justin Lee – a personal debate about same-sex marriage.

“Two friends making an audience (and each other) laugh, talking about Christian grace in the midst of the gay debate, telling stories, and passionately debating each other about whether churches should support same-sex marriage.” Read and watch the rest via Crumbs from the Communion Table • VIDEO: You’ve never heard me make this argument about … Continue reading

The Great Debate | The Gay Christian Network

“Are “homosexual offenders” condemned for the same reason as tax collectors, or are all same-sex relationships condemned for all time? In a moment, when I go through the passages in question, you’ll see that there are no easy answers. In fact, if we had to limit the discussion to only those passages, I’d feel really … Continue reading

So Much Bigotry Comes Down to the Doctrine of Hell

“when I stopped believing in hell, I started to believe that maybe God does love us unconditionally. If God was not going to send people to hell, maybe he wasn’t going to bring us hell on earth just because we suck. Maybe he was actually a solution – a solution, instead of the mean guy … Continue reading

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