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Hearing the heart from which you speak …

It wasn’t until I heard myself, the part of me that held its breath and hid away behind clenched teeth, that I began to learn who I was and how I had been controlled. What I wanted wasn’t always what I thought I was looking for. My hopes weren’t always from the soul. Too often … Continue reading

There are people in this world who leave a rich legacy of kindness.

When my kids were growing up, Mr. Rogers was a nice guy on TV. I enjoyed the times we watched his show, because it didn’t grate on my nerves like some of them. It is only recently that I have begun to encounter further insight to who he was as a person. (Usually I don’t want … Continue reading

How to Resist Mind Control – because it’s everywhere

A distant relative is slipping into a cult … or maybe designing his own. All I know is the relational waves are so fierce they’ve reached my little haven. The cult I grew up in … and the cult I attended for all those years before they evicted me both had a better facade. I am curious … Continue reading

Some calm suggestions for Christian parents of atheist or agnostic children.

I avoid talking about faith with my parents now, because my view of God makes them fearful. I’ve gone from being “practically a saint” in their eyes to someone whose salvation they just might have to question if I go too far … and all because I don’t buy into the church approach to viewing God … Continue reading

I left him because I loved him. For when your own safety isn’t convincing.

I can certainly identify with this woman’s story. I went through this mental process, too. – Mere Dreamer “My own well-being probably ought to be enough to get me out of danger and keep me out, but I’m not to that point in the process yet. And if you aren’t either, I’m writing this for … Continue reading

Things you can do for someone in an abusive relationship

The linked article is very important! I highly recommend that you bookmark it and share it. “Someone who is not an abuser can engage in abusive behaviors.[…]However, there is a difference between someone who does abusive things and an abuser.” “An abuser is what American culture tends to think of as a “sociopath,” although it … Continue reading

Do Ya’ll Want To Know The Truth?

“HUG A VICTIM INSTEAD OF A DAMN TREE.” Have you been a reluctant witness to emotional abuse or violence? In spite of an abundance of witnesses, justice isn’t always served, and your voice could make all the difference. Read one survivor’s story of a failed support system. via Do Ya’ll Want To Know The Truth?.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary reminds us, “You are allowed your process.”

“Our job is not to drag and pull others into our space, but to love and nurture them exactly where they’re at – no matter where they’re at – and to accept that God may have them on a different path on a different plane on what seems like a different planet.” “And that is … Continue reading

A Call For Greater Compassion from Lissa Rankin

“Since when does someone have to be perfect before we can learn from the message they spread? We let ourselves enjoy music performed by highly imperfect musicians, and we enjoy movies made by imperfect movie stars. But somehow when it comes to spiritual teachers and self-help authors, we forget that nobody’s perfect. “What if we … Continue reading

The Accidental Oppressors

“If progressives are not talking about the expanding circle of inclusion than they are not telling the whole story. They’re just further perpetuating the same worldview that they claim to warring against.” via Registered Runaway | The Accidental Oppressors.

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