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A World Without Consent — Growing Up Goddy — Medium

Quote – “I had male and female friends who, though conflicted about their own sexual volition, wanted to have sex and were happy when it happened, even though they had not consented and in some cases protested.” I finally see the piece of the puzzle I’ve been missing all this time. When I was a … Continue reading

Modesty, Nudity, and My Dangerous Body – Fear or fear not? that is the question

I was chatting with an artist friend today about nakedness and my response to seeing it, comparing the sight of feminine nudity to that of male nudity, even the non-erotic sort that is preferable to me either way. A nagging sensation that has been bothering me for quite some time finally coalesced enough to really see … Continue reading

#YesAllWomen are hoping for transformed culture

I married my rapist and everyone was happy about it, because that is how blind culture can be. I believed that his claim of loving me meant he couldn’t possibly rape me; I was supposed to love him no matter what. I had been taught that men can’t help “it” and that it was my responsibility to stop him. … Continue reading

The Christian right and pornographers: brothers in arms

What I appreciate about the quote below is its shock value. There is enough truth in it to hit hard, and that says something very important. “Foundational to the Christian condemnation of homosexuality (and, indeed, of all sexuality) is the conviction that it is possible for a person to divorce their sexuality from their soul—from … Continue reading

My abusive relationship was typical. When our culture denies the abused.

“How could I have let him do that to me! I didn’t understand anything I know now– that I’d been groomed basically my entire life for an abusive relationship by complementarianism and biblical patriarchy.” – Samantha Field Read the whole story: my abusive relationship was typical | Defeating the Dragons.

Everyday sexism: the tale of two boys

“the common courtesy we women are acculturated to show everyone should be something we ought to be able to expect to receive in return.” via Everyday sexism: the tale of two boys | Wine and Marble.

Why purity culture doesn’t teach consent. part two

“To me, the biggest reason why it’s important to teach consent and sexual agency is so that people of all genders can recognize the difference between consensual sex acts and sexual assault or rape. I had no clue for almost three years that I had been raped because I believed in the myths that purity … Continue reading

Why purity culture doesn’t teach consent. part 1

“[Evangelical purity advocates] don’t teach consent because teaching consent would undermine one of their basic assumptions about people. Namely, the assumption that every single last person– most especially men, but also women– are basically nymphos who are straining at their leashes every single second of every single day …” “If you start walking around teaching … Continue reading

WANTED — Fantasy Wife

Originally posted on A Cry For Justice:
I am a deeply flawed man looking for the ideal woman to fix my life. She must be willing to give all of her energy, time, and talent to meeting my needs. She will be my rescuer, savior, and strength. This position is only for a very unique…

The Realist Speaks: 5 Reasons the BJU Scandal Will Go Away

Tamara explains how we can each make a difference when organizations (effectively) attempt to silence justice … and why it is difficult to be the one who fights back. If this is your first glimpse of the topic, let me briefly explain the context. BJU and various other organizations (this post specifically addresses Christian groups) … Continue reading

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