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How to Resist Mind Control – because it’s everywhere

A distant relative is slipping into a cult … or maybe designing his own. All I know is the relational waves are so fierce they’ve reached my little haven. The cult I grew up in … and the cult I attended for all those years before they evicted me both had a better facade. I am curious where the line is,… seriously.  A lot of churches pride themselves on elements of their culture that are so close to the cult line that they’re equally useful to the other side.

And is it even worth mentioning the mind control techniques used in advertising? I use them as pop quizzes! “Spot the manipulation in 3 … 2 … 1 …” I wish I’d learned these mental habits as a teen. I’m currently doing my best to live them … and teach them to my kids at the same time.

“The best persuaders always appear to be just like us. Attitude change is most effective when it goes unnoticed. Among some defenses, one should check for signs of ingratiation, for overemphasis on mutual interests, and for requests for just one small commitment now, with an open-ended contract for later.

“Mind control typically involves coming to accept a new reality.”

Read this excellent article full of practical information: How to Resist Mind Control.


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