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Crumbs from the Communion Table • VIDEO: Justin Lee – a personal debate about same-sex marriage.

“Two friends making an audience (and each other) laugh, talking about Christian grace in the midst of the gay debate, telling stories, and passionately debating each other about whether churches should support same-sex marriage.” Read and watch the rest via Crumbs from the Communion Table • VIDEO: You’ve never heard me make this argument about … Continue reading

Things you can do for someone in an abusive relationship

The linked article is very important! I highly recommend that you bookmark it and share it. “Someone who is not an abuser can engage in abusive behaviors.[…]However, there is a difference between someone who does abusive things and an abuser.” “An abuser is what American culture tends to think of as a “sociopath,” although it … Continue reading

My abusive relationship was typical. When our culture denies the abused.

“How could I have let him do that to me! I didn’t understand anything I know now– that I’d been groomed basically my entire life for an abusive relationship by complementarianism and biblical patriarchy.” – Samantha Field Read the whole story: my abusive relationship was typical | Defeating the Dragons.

Why I Don’t Believe in “Normal”

This: “I DO NOT BELIEVE IN NORMAL. And I want us all to be set free from the relentless pursuit of it. Because, when you’re gunning for normal I think really you’re gunning for one of two things. “One. Perfect. Which isn’t. And it isn’t ever going to be. No matter how much stuff you … Continue reading

Do Ya’ll Want To Know The Truth?

“HUG A VICTIM INSTEAD OF A DAMN TREE.” Have you been a reluctant witness to emotional abuse or violence? In spite of an abundance of witnesses, justice isn’t always served, and your voice could make all the difference. Read one survivor’s story of a failed support system. via Do Ya’ll Want To Know The Truth?.

Everyday sexism: the tale of two boys

“the common courtesy we women are acculturated to show everyone should be something we ought to be able to expect to receive in return.” via Everyday sexism: the tale of two boys | Wine and Marble.

Why purity culture doesn’t teach consent. part two

“To me, the biggest reason why it’s important to teach consent and sexual agency is so that people of all genders can recognize the difference between consensual sex acts and sexual assault or rape. I had no clue for almost three years that I had been raped because I believed in the myths that purity … Continue reading

The Great Debate | The Gay Christian Network

“Are “homosexual offenders” condemned for the same reason as tax collectors, or are all same-sex relationships condemned for all time? In a moment, when I go through the passages in question, you’ll see that there are no easy answers. In fact, if we had to limit the discussion to only those passages, I’d feel really … Continue reading

Why purity culture doesn’t teach consent. part 1

“[Evangelical purity advocates] don’t teach consent because teaching consent would undermine one of their basic assumptions about people. Namely, the assumption that every single last person– most especially men, but also women– are basically nymphos who are straining at their leashes every single second of every single day …” “If you start walking around teaching … Continue reading

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary reminds us, “You are allowed your process.”

“Our job is not to drag and pull others into our space, but to love and nurture them exactly where they’re at – no matter where they’re at – and to accept that God may have them on a different path on a different plane on what seems like a different planet.” “And that is … Continue reading

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