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Goodbye Christianity – Part One

The abuse I suffered was different in type, but Caleigh’s observations here align very closely with my own thoughts on the matter.

The weight of Obligation vs. the beauty of Responsibility

This resonated with me. There are things I can do well, that I resist doing because they were obligations. Yet there are responsibilities I have chosen which nobody expects of me, and those are my joy to fulfill.

That special class of salty, light-bearing people to whom Jesus preaches

This is what is all too often missing in the church. It’s refreshing to find it here. Sermon on that special class of salty, light-bearing people to whom Jesus preaches. The ones we are told were coming to Jesus, the ones presumably to whom he was preaching, were described as the sick, those who were … Continue reading

rob bell • What is the Bible?

This post will take you to the first in a series that prevented me from tossing the Bible out the window completely, after thinking it was the filter for the world for far too long. I recommend it. ———- via rob bell • What is the Bible? —————- I’ll start with how the bible came … Continue reading

What about Hell?

Originally posted on Jesus Without Baggage:
Many Christians believe God will punish those who don’t measure up, and their punishment will be torment in a burning hell–forever. I strongly disagree; the Bible doesn’t teach such a thing and it is contrary to the character of the Father that Jesus describes. Then What is Hell For?…

I Have a Voice – Coming to Grips with Gender

She says what I’ve been trying to frame with words. It’s sweet not to feel alone in this.

The Realist Speaks: 5 Reasons the BJU Scandal Will Go Away

Tamara explains how we can each make a difference when organizations (effectively) attempt to silence justice … and why it is difficult to be the one who fights back. If this is your first glimpse of the topic, let me briefly explain the context. BJU and various other organizations (this post specifically addresses Christian groups) … Continue reading

Because It’s Its Own Kind of Trauma

I’ve stayed out of the turmoil surrounding the battle for justice in which I could have been involved, mostly because I couldn’t handle digging up my related experiences. My mind wiped most of the actual events, protecting me to some extent. Even so, seeing how the situation was handled by those in authority, and watching … Continue reading

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